River trekking through Hades' gates

Total time : 4 hrs

Technical difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Elevation gain: 


Terms of participation:

                                -Kids from 15 years old (parent escort mandatory)

                                -Average fitness

                                -Basic swimming skills


Price:        -40€/person for 4-6 participants

                 -50€/person for 3 participants

                 -60€/person for 2 participants


Time schedule:

    -10:00 Meeting with our guide, brief update and equipment check

    -10:15 Start of activity 

    -14:15 End of activity



Click on the link below to see the meeting point on Google Maps:




You must have:


   -River shoes or sneakers

   -Second pair of shoes

   -Bottle of water




We provide:

   -Life vest




Route description:

        According to Greek mythology, Hades' gate was the passage to Acheron river, from where souls passed to the underworld. In our days, our guides make sure that you pass this gate and come back alive, as Hercules did. A little hiking, lots of swimming and cliff jumps (for those who dare), combine this amazing river trekking that once you try it, you will remeber it for the rest of your life!