Hiking Zagori and old bridges

Total time : 3 hrs

Technical difficulty: Easy

Elevation gain: +1.000m


Terms of participation:

                                -Kids from 8 years old (parent escort mandatory)

                                -Average fitness


Price:        -40€/person for 4-6 participants

                 -50€/person for 3 participants

                 -60€/person for 2 participants


Time schedule:

    -09:00 Departure from Ioannina

    -10:00 Arrival at Kipoi village

    -10:15 Quick briefing about activity from your escort and start.

    -11:30 Break for snack at Koukouli village and visit Lazaridis' folklore museum.

    -13:00 Arrival at Kipoi village, end of hike.


Click on the link below to see the meeting point on Google Maps:




You must have:

   -Casual sports clothes

   -Light jacket

   -Hiking shoes or boots

   -Bottle of water




Route description:

     -Hiking on the bridges is ideal for those who want to know the history, culture, architecture and natural beauty of Central Zagori, through the paths used by Zagorians in their daily lives, many years ago. Zagori is known for its traditional network of trails. The paths, also known as 'cobbled streets', were used to connect the 47 villages. In this network, the presence of stone bridges, which were used for the movement of residents, and goods, regardless of the area, was also very important.The bridges are samples of remarkable folk architecture and excellent technique possessed by the master builders of Epirus. They are distinguished in single arches, double arches or triple arches with multiple shapes and forms.